SEHS 2022 Football Program

A 50-page, full-color program for a local high school’s premiere football program’s 2022 season.

Project Background

St. Edward High School’s athletics programs are nationally known and committed to a tradition of excellence. The school’s football program embodies this with its six state championships since 2010, including two stints back-to-back in 2014 & 2015 and 2021 & 2022. For the past few years, Dylan has worked with the St. Edward High School Athletic Boosters to design a printed program for fundraising. Net proceeds raised through the program’s sales benefit the Boosters’ funds to supplement athletic equipment, player uniforms, travel expenses, team meals, and other items.

Unlike the 2019 Fall Sports Program and 2021 Fall Sports Program, 2022’s iteration focused solely on St. Edward’s football program. The program also included teams that participate in the football games, such as the St. Edward High School Cheer Team and the school’s marching band, the Marching Eagles. 

Our Approach

As with our past programs for the Boosters, we wanted to incorporate traditional and modern design elements in the 2022 edition. However, the Boosters wanted the program to encapsulate the football program’s standard of excellence and its most recent state championship from 2021. As such, we used the structure set with the most recent 2021 Fall Sports Program and modified its look to capture the Boosters’ desired message and provide information in an easy-to-read format for fans.

Our Design

The cornerstone of the 2022 Football Program is a spectacular photo taken by Pat Gallagher of Captain’s Images at the 2021 OHSAA State Championship, where St. Ed’s clinched its fifth state title. We wanted to draw attention to the trophy’s topper on the cover and draw a link between a symbol of the football program’s excellence and the booklet’s name. We first cropped Gallagher’s image to frame the trophy as tight as possible while still seeing the players’ arms hoisting it into the air. Then, we converted the photo to black and white, except for the trophy topper. Lastly, we made the trophy topper intertwine with “St. Edward Football,” which we colored using St. Ed’s vibrant palette of greens.

Additionally, we simplified the layout of the interior pages to lessen the number of pages printed and facilitate the ease of updating information—particularly records—each year. We also designed and included a badge to showcase Alumni sponsors placed adjacent to their advertisements throughout the program.


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