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SEHS 2021 Fall Sports Program

A 100-page, full-color program for a local high school’s annual fall sports season.

Project Background

St. Edward High School is a renowned college preparatory school located in Lakewood, Ohio. The school is known for its rigorous academics, acclaimed arts program, and dominating athletics teams. As of 2021, the school has won 70 state championships and 11 national championships. Each fall sports season, the St. Edward High School Athletic Boosters puts together a printed program highlighting all of the fall sports teams and their accomplishments, especially the football program. Proceeds from the program’s sales benefit the Boosters’ funds to supplement athletic equipment, uniforms, travel expenses, and team meals.

This is the second iteration of the Fall Sports Program that Spark Creative has designed for the Boosters; due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the 2020 season, the Boosters did not print a program. Dylan previously designed the 2019 Fall Sports Program.

Our Approach

As with the 2019 program, we wanted to incorporate a blend of traditional and modern elements in the program. We kept many of the same structural changes we implemented in the 2019 edition, such as the layout for the individual team pages and the sponsor advertisement spreads. However, we re-strategized the designs for the information-heavy pages, like the record book, to use space more efficiently and increase readability.

Our Work

The 2021 Fall Sports Program’s design begins with its cover. In keeping with the theme started with the 2019 program, we selected the beginning of a cheer chanted by the student section at home football games: “E…E-A…E-A-G-L-E, an Eagle is what everyone should be!” We incorporated a tear in the center of the cover to symbolize an eagle’s talon ripping through the page. We masked a photo of the student section in the tear to add dimension to the cover.

Within the program, we utilized athletic patterns, such as a background texture beneath page headings and subheadings. For the record spreads, we simplified the layout, opting to use different-sized colored boxes with specific “callout” boxes interspersed throughout to boost the legibility of records.

Our Favorite Designs

Our Impact

St. Edward High School’s fanbase enjoyed the 2021 program, especially its revamped record book spread and bolder cover. A portion of the program’s design also carried through to the Boosters’ new trailer wrap.


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