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We're Not Your Typical Creative Agency.

Spark Creative is a growing creative agency in Cleveland that serves sole proprietorships and small to
mid-sized businesses
from a wide variety of industries. Through collaborative marketing and design projects, Spark Creative helps to ignite brands that make our community more vibrant and diverse.


Unlike other local agencies, we have one employee: our Owner + Lead Creative, Dylan Zsigray. Spark Creative prides itself on being a small, affordable, and approachable agency. Depending on the project, Dylan also works with freelance creatives that are part of Flame, Spark Creative's community outreach program. Our projects help each of us to grow our passions and strengthen our sparks.

Our Mantra Is Simple.

We embrace our sparks to help you ignite your brand. We help our partners with:

Why Work with Spark Creative?

Simply put, we believe in building strong relationships with our family: you! We have navigated away from the typical agency structure to be more transparent and value-driven. At Spark Creative, you are our focus. There are no upfront costs and we will consult with you throughout your entire project. 

With us being a small creative firm in Cleveland, you also have the benefit of a quick turnaround for your project. The majority of our projects are completed within a month.

Working with Spark Creative is symbiotic. We help you with your project and, in turn, you give us an opportunity to grow as young creatives.


Flame is Spark Creative's community outreach initiative. With this program, we help up-and-coming creatives strengthen their skillsets and grow their passion for the arts. We started Flame in 2019 after merging the Spark Creative Network and our community enrichment efforts. Flame aims to:

  • Welcome and collaborate with freelance creatives on a variety of projects

  • Educate on the power of design and how one's talents are a reflection of their life experiences

  • Empower aspiring & beginning small business owners to take pride in their passions and use them as an impetus to shape our community


Spark Creative works with individuals, schools, and businesses to bring the Flame program to members of the community. Interested in seeing how Flame can enrich your group? Reach out to us below!

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