digital marketing + design services for Cleveland's business community


marketing + design services for Cleveland's business community


We’re Not Your Typical Digital Marketing Agency

Spark Creative opened in 2017 with one goal in mind: to help business owners who cannot work with large marketing agencies receive expert, data-driven digital marketing and design services. Since our beginning, Spark Creative has helped businesses both in the Greater Cleveland area and abroad grow with impactful strategies and tactics. From full website builds to content marketing for SEO, our mission is to help grow businesses amid an ever-changing digital climate.

  • We are committed to being a valuable partner for your organization.
  • We fully immerse ourselves in your business operations to gain a full understanding of your products, services, and industry.
  • We aspire to be a go-to resource for your marketing needs as a partner who truly understands your business.
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Our Mantra Is Simple

Spark Creative uses our sparks to ignite your brand. We focus on providing cost-effective digital marketing and design services that drive value for your business while paying attention to your bottom line. We create solutions that strike an impactful balance between what "looks good" and what is functional for your customers and prospects.

Often, businesses will try a multitude of different digital marketing tactics without one sound strategy. This results in overextending your business across marketing channels while receiving little value in return. With our projects, we focus on identifying the specific channels for your business that offer the most opportunity for value and growth. Over time, as your business grows, we add more platforms into your strategy to help your organization remain visible and relevant.

Our Four Core Sparks...With Room to Grow!

We offer four core sparks—Graphic Design, Web Design, SEO, and Marketing Strategy. However, we are proud to work with businesses on a variety of digital marketing projects. Our past endeavors have included content marketing, email marketing, paid search, paid social, and social media marketing.

  • When you work with Spark Creative, you also gain the insight of other career digital marketing professionals.
  • Our agency partners are experts in additional marketing tactics, and we work together on many projects to provide the highest value to businesses.
  • Just as we help small business owners grow, we also are passionate about working with fellow small agency owners on projects.
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Web Hosting + Backend Development Partner

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Content Marketing + Paid Advertising Partner

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Dylan Zsigray, Owner

Our Team of One Sets Us Apart

We continue to be a cost-effective digital marketing and design agency for businesses due to us having one employee. Our nimbleness helps us to offer expert services at a considerably lower price than other large agencies. While our past clients include businesses of all sizes and from numerous industries, most of our projects come working with small businesses! We help up-and-coming organizations build their brands, construct a solid digital marketing foundation, and grow their customer bases.

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We’re Grateful for the Awesome Brands We’ve Worked With

We are so fortunate to have worked with companies big and small, from a variety of verticals, on digital marketing and design projects. Do you recognize any of these brands? Check out some of the projects we are most proud of in our portfolio!

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GROW With Spark and Ginger

We're excited to partner with Ginger Digital Marketing to help business owners excel in 2021 with our GROW21 Program! If the COVID-19 pandemic has shown anything, it is that maintaining a strong digital presence has never been as important as it is now. With customers unable to physically be in stores, the pandemic has forced businesses to completely revamp how they deliver their products and services.

We designed GROW21 for business owners (like you!) who have tried various marketing strategies in the past to no avail. GROW21 focuses on pinpointing your business' key successes and opportunities for growth in the new year. We take your revenue and organizational goals and build a custom, comprehensive, data-driven marketing plan to propel your business towards growth!

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Ready to Ignite Your Brand?

We cannot wait to meet you! Get in touch with us today to tell us about your digital marketing or design needs. Once we hear from you, we will respond within one business day. However, given the number of times Dylan checks his email each day, it will probably be sooner!

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