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We always thought of ourselves as right-brained individuals until we started diving into website and organic search data! Now we are a versatile partner for all of your marketing needs.

Our Four Core Sparks

As we have grown, our service offerings have evolved! Spark Creative started as a strictly-creative agency, solely offering graphic and web design services. Year-after-year, as Dylan gained more experience in the digital marketing industry, we expanded to offer search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing strategy. These four services remain our four core sparks.

  • Most of our projects utilize at least one of these sparks.
  • We also offer a wide range of digital marketing services based on each organization's needs.
  • We aim to be a versatile marketing partner for your company and strive for perfection in all of our projects.
  • Each new endeavor that we embark on helps us grow in knowledge and experience, making us a stronger partner for the next brand we collaborate with!
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We're Pals With Our Agency Partners, Too!

When you work in the marketing industry, you meet a lot of amazing minds along the way. Our owner, Dylan Zsigray, has become close friends with other agency owners and creatives in Northeast Ohio, and we collaborate with them on many of our projects! When you work with Spark Creative, you also gain access to decades of experience and insight from these other professionals.

These partnerships have evolved into expanded service offerings for Spark, outside of our core four sparks. We embrace a growth mindset and always look to learn something new! In our quest to continually expand our knowledge, we also offer analytics and reporting, content marketing, email marketing, marketing automation, paid search, paid social, social media marketing, and strategy consulting.

Graphic Design

Spark Creative excels in designing a variety of digital and print assets. Some of our past projects include simple social media graphics, jar labels for a line of spicy jams and mustards, and a fall sports program. We can work with you and your organization to develop your ideas and overall vision into a high-value graphic design.

  • We design in a variety of industry software and will work with you to ensure that the final format matches your needs.
  • For digital assets, we ensure that our designs export in the smallest file size possible without compromising quality to ensure fast load times.
  • We work with a local printer—allen graphics—for all of our print projects if your organization does not already have a go-to printer.
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Web Design

With websites, it is not enough to have a bold design. Your website needs to be easy-to-use and functional, too, especially on mobile devices! At Spark Creative, we strike an important balance between beautiful design and functionality. While we have experience designing for a variety of platforms, we build most of our website projects in WordPress.

  • Backed by our SEO expertise, we build our websites with mobile devices in mind. We ensure that your users’ experiences do not diminish on phones versus desktops.
  • Using your brand identity, we design icons and illustrations to include on your website, adding dimension to pages filled with copy and imagery.
  • We work with Gas Mark 8 for our website hosting. Servers and DNS settings can get confusing at times, so we handle all of that on our end for you.
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We're Proud of the Past Projects We've Worked On

Spark Creative feels so lucky to have worked with such incredible brands on a variety of digital marketing projects. Explore some of our favorite past projects in our portfolio.

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Google utilizes over 200 factors when ranking websites on its search engine. However, the most important factor is your content! Having expert, unique, and informative content is the key to a successful search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. At Spark Creative, we can optimize your website with the most impactful tactics that every site needs to do well on Google.

  • We can build a comprehensive SEO strategy, beginning with keyword research to find relevant opportunities and including ongoing content ideas to boost growth.
  • Our software mimics the Googlebot crawling your website so that we can rectify issues that may hurt your rankings.
  • We offer multiple reporting mechanisms that we use to show organic progress. We also can work with you to develop an approach to measuring ROI for our organic efforts.
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Marketing Strategy

Often, companies have an internal team ready to execute marketing projects but need assistance determining which channels and tactics to target. Spark Creative excels in a strategic capacity, working with your team to create a comprehensive marketing strategy to meet your ROI goals and remain cognizant of your budgets.

  • The sheer number of digital platforms available can be overwhelming. Spark Creative can break through the noise and recommend the best platforms for your goals.
  • We work with your team to build an actionable and executable marketing strategy that you can easily repeat down the road.
  • Measuring ROI is crucial, so we devote time to ensuring you have proper reporting and analytics in place to measure the success of your campaigns.
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