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Dylan learned graphic design to help market a Model United Nations conference in high school. Now it's one of Spark's core services and one of his strongest passions.

The Importance of Stellar Graphic Designs

First impressions are everything for businesses when attracting new customers and prospects. Out-of-date and poorly designed digital and print assets can be detrimental to your business' aspiration for growth! At Spark Creative, we love graphic design. In-fact, Dylan discovered his knack for digital marketing after teaching himself graphic design while in high school. From one-off social media graphics to an annual program for fall sports, we can take your organization's designs to the next level.

  • Historically, most of our work resides on the side of marketing strategies, so we jump at any chance to do right-brained graphic design projects.
  • We ensure that your design's specifications properly align with your end-use case.
  • For print projects, we have a partnership with a local printer—allen graphics—to handle your printing needs if your organization does not already have a provider.
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Print Graphic Design Projects

With how digital our lives are, it is easy to forget just how much print material we interact with daily. From business cards to postcards to magazines, print designs are still the medium of choice for many organizations. With how expensive printing is nowadays, it is crucial to design assets that are both compelling and cost-effective. At Spark Creative, this is the mindset that we embrace.

  • We work with your team to understand the purpose of each print design.
  • We take your copy and build a strategic layout that looks beautiful and serves its desired function.
  • If you have brand standards, we use these guidelines to build design "barriers" to help us be bold while conforming to your identity.
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Digital Graphic Design Projects

Just as print design continues to be important today, digital design projects have the chance to be pivotal in shaping your organization's perceptions. Social media posts, for example, can be shared far and wide—across continents, even—meaning that your digital designs need to reflect your brand's voice and mission. While uploading a graphically designed PDF to a website technically counts as digital, our most common projects are for social media and digital advertising.

  • Since every social media platform has a different sizing requirement for images, we tailor your designs for each.
  • We use industry-preferred software to build and compress your designs to achieve the smallest file sizes for web and email.
  • Our extensive library of imagery and icons helps to add dimension and color to your digital design projects.
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Featured Project: 2021 St. Edward High School Fall Sports Program

Spark Creative worked with St. Edward High School's Athletic Boosters to design their 2021 Fall Sports Program. The school's Athletic Boosters print and distribute this program to raise money for its programs and athletes. This was the second iteration of the program that Spark designed.

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