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We all need a marketing friend who we can just bounce ideas off of! At Spark Creative, we can be the data-driven, strategy-oriented friend you've always wanted.

A Versatile and Expert Strategic Partner

Marketing is not about doing just one thing right. For many businesses, marketing managers or departments work to implement marketing campaigns and promote the organization across many channels. However, too often, this is done without a core strategy. All of these channels end up working unilaterally instead of in unison. Businesses lose out on the real value marketing can create. Spark Creative can be the strategic partner your business needs to market itself.

  • We live and breathe data! All of our strategic recommendations come from the data we have available on your website, Google, and social channels—to name a few.
  • We can act in a fractional CMO role for your business, or we can be someone for your team to bounce ideas off of. Spark aims to provide the most value for your organization.
  • Spark Creative leverages both our expertise and that of our partners to give you the most impactful recommendations.
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We Help Break Through the Noise

There are countless marketing strategies. And within each of these strategies are a multitude of different platforms. Take social media marketing, for example. Which platform—Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube—is right for your business? All of these choices can be overwhelming. Organizations opt to maintain a presence on all of these platforms and spread themselves too thin. Spark Creative can work with your team to determine the most valuable platforms to use to market your business.

  • Every platform has its pros and cons, along with a target user group. We guide your team in identifying which platforms align with your business.
  • We help to maintain your brand's voice across all channels, from social media to email to blogs on your website. 
  • Spark frequently analyzes data from all of your platforms to determine what is working and what should be further optimized.
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How Do You Measure the Success of Marketing?

Every business utilizes different metrics to measure the impact of marketing. This can be as simple as the number of form submissions each month to as thorough as MQLs and SQLs attributed to a specific channel. Regardless of which metrics your organization relies on, we work with your team to develop comprehensive reporting that you can capitalize on. An organization's marketing efforts should continue to evolve based on past successes and experiments.

  • Spark Creative can help simplify the complexities of platforms like Google Analytics and Google Search Console so you can locate the most valuable insights.
  • We can implement mechanisms to track ROI over time, including attribution reporting, so you know which channels produce the most value.
  • Our strategic partnership with you is just that: a partnership. A positive working relationship with your organization helps us help you!
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Featured Project: Electric Power Reliability Alliance (EPRA)

Spark Creative and ForeSite Strategy, one of our partners, worked with the Electric Power Reliability Alliance (EPRA) to develop and execute a member nurturing campaign ahead of a fee increase. We implemented a cross-channel strategy with email marketing and social media marketing to drive member traffic to the website, with the hopes of communicating the value of a paid membership.

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