Sass & Sage: Marketing Made Simple

Join Spark Creative's Dylan Zsigray and Ginger Digital Marketing's Lynne Wilson each week with their new podcast for business owners and fellow marketers alike.

Sass & Sage: Marketing Made Simple

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Marketing Doesn't Need to Feel Overwhelming.
In Fact, It Can Be Pretty Fun!

If 2020 showed us anything (aside from being a year we all want to forget), it highlighted the sheer importance of maintaining a strong digital presence. In a year without in-person events and interactions, the only way that brands could attract, communicate, and covert was from behind screens.

Most businesses know they need to market themselves. However, the sheer number of channels available is overwhelming! Business owners and marketers alike often have a hard time figuring out where to start. They try a bunch of things haphazardly to see what, if anything, works!

Dylan Zsigray and Lynne Wilson, close friends, and fellow marketers, want to make marketing businesses as simple as possible! Join them on their new podcast Sass & Sage, where they'll have a knowledge-filled conversation about a specific area of marketing, with some sass and sarcasm sprinkled throughout.

February 24, 2021

Episode 5

Make your business the talk of the town in this week's episode of Sass & Sage! Learn all about Local SEO, Google My Business, and the impact of reviews on your website's ranking on Google.

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February 17, 2021

Episode 4

Do the terms you use to describe your business' offerings align with what prospects search to find you? In Episode 4, we talk all about keyword research and how to bridge the gap between your business and searchers.

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February 10, 2021

Episode 3

Is your marketing budget based on last year's revenue? This week, Sass & Sage dives into marketing budgets and how to make them large enough to support growth goals. Plus, we discuss ways to decrease marketing overhead!

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February 3, 2021

Episode 2

ROI, KPIs, funnels—oh my! Business owners often latch onto these buzzwords without examining what each means. In this episode, Dylan and Lynne emphasize the importance of looking past buzzwords to see if they apply to a given business.

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February 3, 2021

Episode 1

Sass & Sage kicks off discussing where to start with marketing your business. With what feels like endless channels and tactics, choosing a place to start can be overwhelming! How can brands break through all this noise?

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January 31, 2021


Join Dylan Zsigray and Lynne Wilson with their new podcast, Sass & Sage. In bite-size episodes, you’ll gain the knowledge to use numerous digital marketing to grow your business, coupled with sass-filled conversations and sarcastic remarks!

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