Web Design at Spark Creative

A few years ago, we built and designed websites using a drag-and-drop editor. Then we got to work learning the ins-and-outs of WordPress and databases, and here we are.

Web Design at Spark Creative

A few years ago, we built and designed websites using a drag-and-drop editor. Then we got to work learning the ins-and-outs of WordPress and databases, and here we are.

Your Website Impacts All of Your Marketing Efforts

Your website sits at the center of all of your marketing strategies and tactics. From email newsletters to social posts to paid advertising, most marketing campaigns aim to drive traffic to a website. As such, whether you are promoting a blog post or a downloadable whitepaper, it is more important now than ever to have a functional, mobile-friendly website.

  • Often, businesses think that once their website is live, they do not need to touch it. Your website is a living, evolving marketing resource and should be continually updated and optimized.
  • With Google determining rankings based on the mobile versions of websites, having a clunky, out-of-date website can hinder your organic opportunities.
  • Perception is everything. A website that looks unprofessional or that does not represent your brand will turn off potential customers.
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Committed to a Stellar Mobile Experience

When we design and build websites, we often use our computers. As such, it is easy to forget about your website's mobile experience! Over 50% of visitors access websites from their phones, meaning that your mobile website needs to be as functional and user-friendly as your desktop site! At Spark Creative, we prioritize mobile experience with our website designs.

  • We design layouts and pages that can responsively shift based on a user's device, ensuring that the overall experience of using your website is seamless.
  • As SEO experts, we know what Google penalizes websites for in terms of mobile experience and design sites to exceed Google's criteria.
  • Before launch, we test each page and feature to check a site's performance on different screen sizes.
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Information Architecture and Strategy

The advertisements we see related to website design online focus entirely on the look and feel of sites. However, the best websites strike a balance between beautiful design, powerful functionality, and strategy. Businesses often forget about the latter, but a website strategy is so important. How will your pages be organized? What is the ideal user journey? At Spark Creative, our passion for design and expertise in strategy come together in our website projects.

  • We work with your team to build a sitemap—the hierarchy and structure of your site's pages—at the beginning of the project.
  • The pages accessible from your site's navigation bar serve as jumping-off points for longer-form content that provide immense value.
  • We help map a user journey so that every page has a clear next step, whether that be viewing a blog or filling out a contact form.
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We Leave the Technical, Backend Stuff to Gas Mark 8

In most cases, we build websites using a custom WordPress installation and a page builder. Unlike drag-and-drop platforms, this approach allows for more customization and creativity. However, WordPress installs require knowledge of servers and databases, which is the equivalent of a foreign language for some business owners! At Spark Creative, we partner with another Cleveland business, Gas Mark 8, for our hosting needs.

  • Gas Mark 8's shared hosting includes an SSL certificate (so your users can securely submit information), daily backups, and monthly updates. Most hosts do not provide this level of service. 
  • Our websites serve from a hosting stack built for speed and security. Spark Creative and Gas Mark 8 believe in making all websites secure and up-to-date, especially in our ever-interconnected digital age.
  • Gas Mark 8 is a DigitalOcean Solutions Partner Agency. This partnership provides 24/7 support so that if there is ever a problem with your website, Spark has a great resource to get it resolved.
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Featured Project: We Fix Sidewalks

We Fix Sidewalks' previous website did not prioritize user experience and provided no value as a marketing tool. Our complete redesign and rebuild put user experience at the forefront. The site loads quickly and is responsive across all devices, as is the standard. Plus, the redesign marked Spark's first time designing a dark mode site, which was a lot of fun!

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Your site should serve as both a destination for your marketing campaigns and a driver of new leads into your sales funnel! Get in touch with Spark Creative to discuss a website rebuild and strategy development today. We are excited to work with you!

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