January 31, 2021


Join Dylan Zsigray and Lynne Wilson with their new podcast, Sass & Sage. In bite-size episodes, you’ll gain the knowledge to use numerous digital marketing to grow your business, coupled with sass-filled conversations and sarcastic remarks!

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About the Episode

2020’s Silver Lining

2020 is a year that we all wish to forget. However, perhaps we can pull a silver lining relating to digital marketing. If 2020 emphasized anything, it was the importance of maintaining a strong digital presence for brands. In a year without in-person events and interactions, the only way that brands could attract, communicate, and convert was from behind screens! In essence, 2020 led to consumers setting a new bar for brands. Potential customers now expect that they will be able to interact seamlessly with your business online. From something as simple as clicking around on your website to filling out a contact form, 2020 was the advent of a new digital marketing reality for businesses.

Most businesses know that they need to market themselves. However, the sheer number of channels and tactics at their disposal can be very overwhelming. Business owners can find determining where to begin with marketing and what strategies to use difficult. Plus, business owners already wear numerous hats—adding marketing into the mix increases their feeling overwhelmed. Business owners shift to trying a bunch of things haphazardly, throwing spaghetti at a wall to see what, if anything, works.

Online is only growing increasingly competitive. As such, businesses cannot try a bunch of strategies at-will. This approach will inevitably result in extra costs, lost opportunities, and a diminished brand voice. But if the approach of trying everything doesn’t work, how can businesses market themselves best?

Enter Sass & Sage

Don’t you wish that you could have a friend who could tell you the best marketing practices to follow and insider secrets while not using so much jargon that it puts you to sleep? A friend who could be straight with you, telling you exactly what you need to know to grow your business and perfect your marketing strategy?

Well, Sass & Sage will be that friend for you. Spark Creative’s Dylan Zsigray and Ginger Digital Marketing’s Lynne Wilson—digital marketers and close friends—are teaming up to host a new podcast to demystify marketing!

Meet Lynne Wilson

Lynne Wilson has been in the marketing industry for over 20 years. When digital marketing first came to fruition, under the namesake “internet marketing,” she worked to teach herself the ins-and-outs of this then-groundbreaking form of marketing. To this day, she loves and embraces how much digital marketing evolves annually. There is always a new platform or strategy to try out, which increases her excitement.

Meet Dylan Zsigray

Dylan Zsigray was just born when Lynne began her digital marketing expedition. In high school, he taught himself graphic and web design before learning a variety of tactics. With Spark Creative, Dylan tries to strike a balance between his right-brained design passions and his left-brained love for analytics and data.

Let’s Make Marketing Less Overwhelming, Together

Dylan and Lynne are excited to bring you Sass & Sage, a new weekly podcast where the duo will talk with each other about a marketing channel, strategy, or tactic, giving you actionable insights to effectively market and grow your brand. Marketing can be overwhelming, and we know that hearing the same industry jargon over-and-over can turn you off from some people. While both Dylan and Lynne come from an agency background, they have learned over time how to effectively explain marketing to businesses.

Businesses do not want to hear a bunch of jargon—they want to hear actionable insights and strategies they can immediately implement. In Sass & Sage’s bite-size episodes, you will gain the knowledge and confidence to use numerous digital marketing channels to grow your business, coupled with the duo’s sass-filled conversations and sarcastic remarks.

So, go ahead and subscribe and check back each week for a new episode of Sass & Sage. Dylan and Lynne are excited to embark on this journey with you!

Episode Takeaways

2020 underscored the importance of brands maintaining a strong and effective digital presence.

While most business owners know to market their brands, it can feel very daunting.

Sass & Sage aims to make marketing less overwhelming, giving business owners the knowledge and confidence they need to grow.