Hometown Heroes

A website redesign for a whole-home insulation giveaway sponsored by four USA Insulation franchises.

Project Background

Spark Creative works with numerous USA Insulation franchises across the United States. Over the past few years, USA Insulation of Toledo, owned by David Potts, has given away a whole-home insulation package to an active military serviceperson, veteran, or first responder as part of its Hometown Heroes giveaway. Historically, the location relied on a simple landing page that explained the giveaway and included a nomination form.

In 2023, the giveaway expanded to three more locations: USA Insulation of Kalamazoo, USA Insulation of SE Michigan, and USA Insulation of Southern New Hampshire. With a larger audience and geographic territory, Spark Creative jumped at the chance to build a dedicated website for Hometown Heroes for all four locations.

Our Approach

For the existing Hometown Heroes Toledo landing page, the primary goal was to get nominations for the giveaway. Thus, the nomination form was the primary focal point on the page. For the new website, we wanted to retain the simplicity of the location pages to explain the giveaway and rules effectively and keep the nomination form streamlined for desktop and mobile users.

Additionally, we aimed to create a feature where prospective entrants could determine their eligibility by entering their zip code.

Our Work

The website’s homepage includes a large hero section with a background video of a previous Hometown Heroes installation produced by Toledo Aerial Media (TAM). The hero also highlights the individual giveaway locations and important dates: when nominations open and when the project will get installed.

We prioritized presenting information on the website through different media forms. For example, the first section on the homepage includes an explanatory video created by TAM; the eligibility section uses large icons and short blurbs to explain the criteria; the “Why Reinsulate” page has animated graphics and bullet points; the individual location pages have dedicated sections with all the key dates.

Our favorite feature on the website is the ‘Check Your Zip Code” section on the non-locations pages. Interested users can enter their five-digit postal code in the form. If the ZIP code falls into one of Hometown Heroes’ giveaway territories, the website will automatically redirect the user to the correct location’s page. The user goes to a standard ineligibility page if the ZIP code is not in a territory. The feature is also scalable for all future locations.

Our Design

the previous hometown heroes landing page the new hometown heroes insulation giveaway website designed by spark creative

Our Impact

The new Hometown Heroes website successfully captured nominations for all four location giveaways. Additionally, the website promoted the giveaway to local news organizations, posted the stories of past winners, and built reputability with a library of news stories published about the giveaway.


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