Step-by-Step Leading to Your Success

We have an ever-evolving process for our work. What does this mean? We embrace a growth mindset at Spark Creative and are always looking for ways to improve. Our process is set on the foundation of building a strong relationship with you. Even though the project we are hired for is temporary, the relationship that we build with our clients is permanent.

1. Light

We take the time to learn about you, your brand, and your vision for the project. After, we light our individual design and creative sparks and begin working on your project at a high-level, focusing on how we want people to connect with your brand.

This step includes:

  • Meeting with you and your other team members

  • Hearing about your goals and hopes for your brand

  • Speaking to our skillset and abilities to ignite your brand with our sparks

  • Answering any preliminary questions


We spark each project—whether it be a website, graphic, film—with our own creative flares. In this way, we connect personally with your project as it contains a part of us as creatives or designers. This propels us to produce something unique and awe-inspiring.

This step includes:

  • Creating or designing draft versions of your project

  • Conferring with you to make the necessary revisions

  • Working to adequately combine your vision and best practice in our work

  • Forecasting the estimated time to complete the project


We finish your project and work with you to ignite your brand fully in the community. We provide helpful tips for boosting presence online and utilizing other platforms, like social media, to form a personal connection with your clients.

This step includes:

  • Finishing your project and getting final approval

  • Discussing best practices for SEO and social media, among other platforms

  • Assisting in any way with promoting your brand within our network

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