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Southern Heat

Custom jar labels for a local maker of spicy jams and mustards who wanted to begin selling products in farmers’ markets.

Project Background

Kim Horvath has been making spicy jams and mustards for years. However, she recently looked to begin selling her products to the public. Taking a home creation to the general public is no small feat and involves coordination between production facilities and government officials. Kim wanted to start small, focusing on selling her products at local farmers’ markets before taking them to store shelves and online.

The Horvath’s are a family friend of Dylan’s. Kim and Dylan connected as she needed labels made for her jars. These labels would need to represent her Southern Heat brand, which already had a logo, and contain all of the nutrition and legal information required by the FDA. For this project, we needed to design four labels for all of Southern Heat’s products.

Our Approach

We spent a lot of time strategizing for this project. The jars Southern Heat uses for its products have limited surface area, so we needed to devise a layout that showcased the brand and abided by the FDA’s requirements. The FDA mandates that manufacturers include an abundance of information on food labels. Moreover, the FDA specifies the font sizing proportions that companies must follow. In essence, we had very stringent requirements that we needed to conform to.

Our Work

We simplistically designed the jar labels. The product name, weight, and nutrition information comprise the majority of the space. For the remaining space, we wanted to fill it in a meaningful manner. Dylan opted to add a fun fact to each label relating to the products’ primary ingredients. The copy and applicable icon took up the remaining space. Dylan created a subtle gradient matching the color of each of Kim’s projects to add more color. The gradient adds dimension to the labels and creates movement that is noticeable even at a passing glance.

Our Designs

Our Impact

The jar labels for Southern Heat helped Kim’s company take the next step in selling her products to more consumers. The is a recurring tenant at numerous farmers’ markets around Northeast Ohio.


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