SEHS Boosters Trailer Wrap

A vibrant trailer wrap for a local high school’s athletic boosters’ events and tailgates.

Project Background

With its dominant and renowned athletic programs, the St. Edward High School Athletic Boosters promote, support, and encourage camaraderie among friends, family, alumni, faculty, coaches, and fans of St. Edward Athletics. The organization is a staple at the school’s sporting events, especially with pre-game tailgates at home football games. To travel around the Northeast Ohio region to support Eagle athletics, the Boosters have a trailer that holds their gear and materials. The Boosters’ original trailer was falling into disrepair, so the group purchased a new trailer and approached Dylan to design a trailer wrap.

Our Approach

The manufacturer of the Boosters’ new trailer did not publish a template to use to design a wrap, which posed a unique challenge as the trailer included six panels and a triangular front. As such, Dylan worked with the Boosters to get measurements of each panel and created composite shapes to create a rough template for the wrap’s creation. The Boosters partnered with R&R Auto Body to print and install the wrap, so Dylan leveraged their expertise in creating a print-ready, installable design.

The Boosters’ previous trailer had little customization and boasted some stick-on letters and decals. With the new trailer wrap, Dylan aimed to create an inclusive design that would represent all sports. Additionally, the Boosters wanted to keep the wrap for a minimum of five years, so Dylan worked to create a design that would remain relevant for years to come while also allowing updates as the school earned more championships.

Our Work

The principal element of the new trailer wrap is the vibrant bald eagle’s head mirrored on both of the panels composing the front triangular section. The eagle’s fierceness provides a bold component to the trailer and is the first aspect most fans see when they come to a game or see the trailer traveling on Lakewood’s streets. The eagle’s head wraps slightly onto the trailer’s left and right sides, which comprise the two largest sections of the wrap. The left side, shown in the portfolio’s cover image, includes the Booster’s logo, the St. Edward High School crest, and a slogan. The right side includes the school’s crest and another slogan & hashtag stacked with the “oval e” logo. The right side of the trailer also has a door for easy access to items stored inside. Dylan added a list of St. Edward’s athletic programs for this panel.

The back of the trailer includes two doors with multiple hinges and handles, so the wrap for these two panels utilizes the open space. The left door boasts the “oval e” logo with “Eagle Pride” in block lettering. The right door highlights the school’s dominance with gold Ohio icons for each of St. Edward’s state championships: over 70 in all. Green United States of America icons showcase the school’s 11 national championships. The simplicity of these icons allows the boosters to merely add new stickers whenever the school wins a new championship.

Our Design

one side of the old sehs athletic boosters trailer one side of the new sehs athletic boosters trailer


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