Kimpton Printing

A website redesign in collaboration with Ginger Digital Marketing for a local print shop.

Project Background

Kimpton Printing is a family-owned print shop in Macedonia, Ohio. The company aspired to evolve its single-page microsite into a new website with eCommerce functionality and integration with its existing sales software. After Kimpton Printing’s owner reached out to Ginger Digital Marketing’s Lynne Wilson, a family friend, we came onto the project as partners to help with web design.

Our Approach

When strategizing and designing Kimpton Printing’s new website, we prioritized structure and information architecture. The company’s microsite was one page with a few bulleted sections of content and no imagery. Moreover, it lacked color, spacing, and overall dimension. We strategized a sitemap that included Kimpton Printing’s three core service areas, with added pages to sell school and team spirit wear.

When designing the website, we narrowed the scope to include the features and functionality of Square Online. Kimpton Printing already used Square for its point-of-sale system and wanted its eCommerce-enabled website to integrate with ease. As such, while we did not have an abundance of design choices, we focused on including white space, color, and imagery—all dramatic improvements visually from the previous microsite.

Our Work

Having not used the Square Online platform before, we designed and built Kimpton Printing’s website concurrently. However, this proved beneficial to the overall project. As we gained more knowledge of Square’s platform, we made decisions relating to design and functionality to simplify user experience and Kimpton Printing’s future interaction with the front and backends. We used fullwidth and 50/50 sections with text widgets and images to enable easy updating by Kimpton Printing’s team.

As we designed and built the website, Ginger Digital Marketing took the lead on content due to Lynne’s familiarity with the company. While the new website includes much more content than the microsite, the copy channels the family-owned charm of Kimpton Printing and its expertise in the industry when serving organizations and schools alike.

Our Design

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