Keep Brian McDonough

A landing page and Facebook Ads campaign for a local city councilman seeking reelection in the 2019 general election.

Project Background

Brian McDonough is a respected civil servant who devotes himself to bettering the local community. Starting in 2011, Brian served as Councilman Ward 1 in Fairview Park. As Councilman, he pioneered initiatives in the city, joining the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court Diversion Program, transforming Grannis Park, and drafting a “No Texting While Driving” ordinance. After serving two terms, Brian set his sights on Election Day 2019, where he sought re-election for a third term.

Brian connected with Dylan to design a landing page for constituents to travel to upon seeing a paid social media advertisement or receiving one of Brian’s campaign materials. The landing page needed to be simple, yet informative, for all residents heading to the polls. For advertising, Dylan needed to abide by Facebook’s new political advertising policies and employ specific geo-targeting for Brian’s ward.

Our Approach

The Keep Brian McDonough Councilman Ward 1 landing page weaved together elements of simplicity and professionalism. The landing page needed to inform voters of Brian’s accomplishments, qualifications, and merits that made him stand out. Any visitor to the page would gain background information on Brian, highlights from his first two terms in office, campaign materials, and a simple checklist to aid as a summary for voters.

Our Work

Spark Creative incorporated Brian’s previously designed color palette and branding into our designs. The final landing page design added his color palette as bold backgrounds for the copy on the page. We used his green and orange colors for buttons and icon backgrounds. The landing page followed a simple structure. In the last content section above-the-fold, voters meet Brian and learn about his personal, political, and professional life. Following this, the two half-sections detail specific accomplishments and Brian’s commitment to the Fairview Park community. The page ends with a checklist graphic, superimposed onto Brian’s campaign letterhead, for voters to digest before going to the polls.

After designing the landing page, Spark Creative created and launched a Facebook Ads campaign targeting voters within Ward 1 in Fairview Park. We built a specific audience, targeting users over 18 (legal voting age) that lived within a one-mile radius of Ward 1’s center. The ad contained optimized copy, a graphic, and a call-to-action leading to the landing page. At the time, Facebook had a policy that no more than 20% of ad creative could be text. As such, we designed the ad creative to contain the all-text logo and enough depth & spacing to ensure it followed Facebook’s policies.

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