Goldie’s Donuts & Bakery

A vibrant website, plus accompanying store and social media graphics, for a donut shop and bakery in Cleveland.

Project Background

Goldie’s Donuts & Bakery, located in Lyndhurst, Ohio (just outside of Cleveland!), opened in 2018. The shop resides in the old Amy Joy Donuts store. Goldie’s is a passionate, family-oriented bakery that is committed to supporting the Greater Cleveland community. Soon after opening, the owners came to Spark Creative to design their website and accompanying graphics for their store and social media accounts.

Goldie’s desired a website that the owners could easily update with new menu items and specials. Moreover, the website needed to have online ordering functionality that could be readily understood by any user. Both the website and graphics needed to exuberate the shop’s vibrancy and passion for family.

Our Approach

Goldie’s came to Spark Creative with already developed brand standards. When going through initial design concepts for the website, our goal was to create a modern, easy-to-navigate hub for information, food, and interaction. For this reason, we designed the site’s homepage last, finishing all of the interior pages first to identify the most important information to communicate.

With Goldie’s being a new bakery, we gave special attention to the applets and other functionality included on the website. The shop’s online menu and ordering features exist as part of the site’s overall CMS for ease and flexibility with the bakery’s operations. The website does not include any third-party plugins as the CMS boasts strong support and reliability for its extensive collection of add-ons.

Our Work

The website’s homepage accentuates the entire website in terms of content and vibrancy. The design features the brand’s primary gold color in specific places, beginning with the top strip, highlighting key points and information. The header puts the shop’s logo front-and-center, rather than to the left as seen on many websites. The header also features quick reference buttons for contacting the shop and interacting on social media. The design of these buttons enabled simple user interactions across all devices. Below-the-fold, the homepage contains hover boxes that reveal hidden, energetic information for customers. We also wove the “family” theme across the website, as seen with the shop’s #GoldieFam campaign.

With the graphic design aspect of the project, Spark Creative designed numerous graphics for Goldie’s website, social media accounts, and physical store. The graphics utilized Goldie’s gold color to highlight key information and accentuate all of the other content. We designed the shop’s business cards, kitchen signs, product signs, and social media posts to alert customers the shop sold out of baked goods for the day.

Our Favorite Designs

Our Impact

Goldie’s continues to see exponential growth with each new year. Clevelanders consider it to be one of the best donut shops in Northeast Ohio, and the bakery’s kosher products make it a namesake for many in our region. In 2020, over 15,000 users interacted with the website. These visitors accounted for over 20,000 sessions and 24,000 pageviews, all of which are three times higher than 2019’s numbers.

Goldie's total users grew by 172% in 2020 year-over-year.
70% of Goldie's users come to the website from organic search.
An increase in Goldie's name recognition boosted direct traffic by 201% year-over-year.

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