A website redesign and on-page SEO work for a Cleveland-loving yoga and functional movement instructor.

Project Background

Michelle Thomas is a Cleveland-based yoga and functional movement educator. Her company ever:movement works with individuals, groups, and organizations around the community to live pain-free and live full, authentic lives. Michelle connected with Dylan through a mutual friend (thanks, Diana!) to redesign her Squarespace website and incorporate some SEO best practices.

Our Approach

When first strategizing the website, we organized and expanded ever:movement’s sitemap to better present information and offer opportunities for expanding content down the line. For example, the site’s “Practice with Michelle” page can turn into a navigation hub if Michelle were to add individual pages for each of her four services to the website in the future. Additionally, we worked to re-strategize ever:movement’s extensive downloadable resources collection to more effectively communicate the value of each piece to users before downloading.

Michelle provided Spark with a vast collection of photos from her years of work, so we built page layouts that included numerous pictures and other visuals. We worked to find imagery that would function as hero images and other assets to accompany on-page copy. All imagery on the website comes from various photoshoots over the years; we utilized no stock photography.

Our Work

To start the redesign, we first created a new homepage layout that balanced content, imagery, and various CTAs (e.g., download the most recent ever:movement resource). After finalizing the homepage design, we constructed a subpage layout to serve as the foundation for other pages. Each of the subpages follows this structure, except for the Resources section. We designed new mockups for the ever:movement downloadable resources and used these on the Resources page to give users a sneak-peek into each guide before downloading.

We also worked to use iconography on the website to add various forms of media. The homepage introductory section includes icons for each of the four services. The icons also provide an opportunity to use ever:movement’s brand colors, in addition to the callout section on each page. After receiving the copy for each page, we implemented internal and external links. We also wrote title tags and meta descriptions incorporating keywords identified during keyword research.

Our Impact

ever:movement’s new website encompasses and presents Michelle’s passion for yoga and functional movement much more effectively. The new website is more vibrant and resourceful, which leads to increased brand awareness and reputability. In the month after the site’s launch, ever:movement already reaped benefits, including three core metrics below.

Average Session Duration increased by over 100% year-over-year in the month after the site's launch.
The bounce rate fell by just above 25%, indicative of the new site's content and resources.
Organic users coming to the website increased by 15% due to the site's on-page and technical SEO work.

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