A comprehensive SEO strategy for an industrial equipment distributor’s new website and content.

Project Background

Estabrook Corporation is a family-owned industrial equipment distributor located just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. As the company continues to see tremendous growth year after year, Estabrook’s leadership team wanted to take the time to redo the website and put an emphasis on SEO. Estabrook desired to use the website as an ongoing sales tool, rather than just having it sit on the Internet.

Dylan worked with Estabrook’s Marketing Lead to optimize the new website for SEO. All aspects, from new content to backend technical changes, were implemented onto the new site. Moreover, Dylan continues to work with Estabrook every month to continually optimize webpages and create engaging content as part of a cohesive digital marketing strategy.

Our Approach

Estabrook’s new website was a collaborative project that spanned over eight months. In the fall of 2019, Dylan performed an SEO & website audit of Estabrook’s (then) current website, pinpointing areas of strength that the company could capitalize on with the new site. Similarly, Dylan highlighted shortfalls that needed rectifying to have the new website properly optimized. This audit included a look at on-page content—like title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags, links—and backend content—like sitemaps, the robots.txt file, and page speed.

Our Work

After our initial audit and strategy, we performed keyword research, looking for search terms Estabrook already ranked for and new opportunities to target with content. The keyword research formed the foundation for the site’s optimized content. Compared to Estabrook’s previous website, we wrote the content to be more thorough, detailed, and relevant to the company’s primary audience.

As Estabrook’s Marketing Lead built the website, Dylan worked concurrently to write and implement title tags and meta descriptions on each page. We also consulted with Estabrook’s Marketing Lead on proper image sizing practices and including ALT text.

Our Impact

Once the new website launched, Dylan added the ability to track web and search analytics, which the previous website did not take advantage of. Adding analytics tracking helped Spark Creative measure the impact of our work and Estabrook’s ongoing organic growth.

The site's new content boosted users' average time on page by 578%.
Estabrook's total impressions on SERPs increased by 93%.
Organic clicks on SERPs increased by 23% in the months after the new site launched.

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