Electric Power Reliability Alliance

An email and social media marketing strategy to boost membership growth for a national electric power reliability organization.

Project Background

The Electric Power Reliability Alliance (EPRA) is a national organization of industry professionals and corporations who work to advance electric power reliability. Based in Cleveland, the alliance launched in 2018 as a free group for professionals. However, in the second half of 2020, the organization aimed to shift to a paid membership model. To boost the number of members who would renew (and pay for) their membership, EPRA came to ForeSite Strategy and Spark Creative to strategize and run an email and social media marketing campaign.

Our Approach

EPRA’s website houses a variety of whitepapers, podcasts, articles, and other expert resources. At the direction of EPRA’s marketing team, we based our strategy around these pieces of content. We reviewed and categorized all of the resources, concurrently pulling out quotes to use in promotion. We then spaced out the content into six distinct weeks, each with a specific purpose for the membership nurturing campaign. Each week, we aimed to post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We also would send an email newsletter to EPRA’s entire membership base.

Our Work

For six weeks, we ran EPRA’s membership nurturing campaign. Each week, we wrote and published a set of social posts for EPRA’s LinkedIn Facebook page and LinkedIn group. We also wrote and published another set for EPRA’s Instagram and Twitter accounts. All of these social posts sent users to EPRA’s various resources and podcast episodes. We promoted the same content in an email newsletter each week. All six newsletters revolved around a specific theme and goal. The newsletters included an opening piece of content and then linked to the premium pieces of content.

Our Impact

The membership nurturing campaign succeeded in leading existing members to renew and pay for their EPRA memberships. The most striking success, however, related to our email marketing efforts. The six emails far exceeded industry averages for open and click rates.

The emails averaged an open rate of 34.28%, nearly double that of the industry average.
The six emails averaged a 6.13% click rate, six-times the industry average.
The click-to-open rates for the emails was 18.02% on average, double the industry average.

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