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March 24, 2021

Episode 8

You have probably heard about "CRMs," or customer relationship management systems. But, what are CRMs, and how should business owners utilize them? This week, Dylan and Lynne discuss CRMs and keeping contacts engaged in your marketing efforts.

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About the Episode

Sass & Sage took the week off last week, so we hope you enjoyed a break and caught up on some of our past episodes. This week, we dive into customer relationship management systems (CRMs). This term is ubiquitous in the digital marketing industry, but what does it mean for business owners? Dylan and Lynne discuss the core of CRMs and how they have evolved from old-fashioned Rolodexes to versatile, powerful additions to your MarTech software stack. Plus, the duo examines the difference between contacts in your CRM and “engaged” contacts and how blurring this line can misrepresent your results and give you an inaccurate picture of your marketing efforts.

Episode Takeaways

CRMs have long evolved since the old-fashioned days of Rolodexes to become very robust MarTech platforms.

Businesses should invest in their CRM as the platforms do so much more than send emails and keep track of contacts.

It is imperative that business owners consistently clean their CRMs to remove unengaged contacts and get accurate data.