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February 24, 2021

Episode 5

Make your business the talk of the town in this week's episode of Sass & Sage! Learn all about Local SEO, Google My Business, and the impact of reviews on your website's ranking on Google.

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About the Episode

Just because many of us are home does not mean that your business cannot become the most talked about in town! This week, Dylan and Lynne dive into Local SEO. While many business owners associate SEO with ranking #1 for keywords on Google, in reality, we’re concerned with showing up at the top of the search results page. Local SEO best practices, particularly Google My Business, can move your organization to the top of Google without much effort and money! Learn all about Local SEO, Google My Business, the power of reviews, and the way to include locations in your website copy in this week’s episode of Sass & Sage.

Episode Takeaways

Managing and posting on Google My Business can help boost your business to the top of SERPs and increase the potential for new leads.

Request past customers to write reviews on Google and always respond to reviews—whether positive or negative.

Include qualifiers for your location (e.g., your city) in your website copy naturally instead of duplicating pages and just swapping the city name.