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February 17, 2021

Episode 4

Do the terms you use to describe your business' offerings align with what prospects search to find you? In Episode 4, we talk all about keyword research and how to bridge the gap between your business and searchers.

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About the Episode

This week, we’re talking all about keywords on Sass & Sage! Imagine this: you have a product or service and describe it using a particular vocabulary. How can you know whether these words match what your target prospects search for on Google? In Episode 4, Dylan and Lynne discuss the resources available to help business owners find and use the right keywords to describe their brand. Plus, the duo highlights the impact of using terms no one else uses to describe your business—even if you have a gorgeous website and engaging content. Organizations that use the wrong set of words will likely see difficulty getting any organic search traction to their website! Learn all about keyword research, search volumes, and more in this week’s episode of Sass & Sage!

Episode Takeaways

Perform keyword research to learn about the keyword landscape within your particular industry.

Take advantage of free tools like Google Keyword Planner to find relevant queries to target.

Ever since Google's BERT algorithm update, using exact search terms in your website copy is less necessary.