February 10, 2021

Episode 3

Is your marketing budget based on last year's revenue? This week, Sass & Sage dives into marketing budgets and how to make them large enough to support growth goals. Plus, we discuss ways to decrease marketing overhead!

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About the Episode

Despite this episode’s title, we promise it’s not full of numbers! In Episode 3, we’re tackling marketing budgets—specifically, how to allocate enough money to your budget based on your revenue goals. Often, businesses base their marketing budgets on the previous year’s numbers rather than the current year’s goals. Dylan and Lynne discuss how to make your marketing strategy large enough to support your quest for growth, especially with young businesses. The duo also gives some tips on how to decrease marketing overhead and effectively spend across channels. Luckily, there’s no need to bring your financial calculator to this episode!

Episode Takeaways

Base marketing budgets on the current year's revenue goal instead of the previous year's booked revenue.

Select a few channels and stay on top of optimization and maintenance, especially with email and paid advertising.

Limit the number of marketing tools you pay for and do research to see if one platform contains all of the features you're looking for.