May 12, 2021

Episode 11

Slow, unreliable web hosting can hinder your brand new, beautiful website's performance right after launch! In this episode, we talk with Mike Richwalsky, a web hosting expert, about the fundamentals of web hosting for your business.

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About the Episode

Did you miss us? Sass & Sage is back this week after our spring break with an amazing and insightful Episode 11! This week, Dylan and Lynne welcome Mike Richwalsky, Principal at Gas Mark 8, to discuss web hosting. Gas Mark 8 is a digital marketing agency based in Cleveland and the UK that serves nonprofits, education institutions, and small businesses. Mike is Dylan and Lynne’s go-to backend developer whose decades-long career includes web hosting. In this week’s episode, the trio discusses the fundamentals of web hosting, the various types of hosting available, and the traps that organizations inadvertently fall into. Plus, we highlight the newfound importance of strong web hosting with the impending release of Google’s page experience algorithm update this summer. Gain the knowledge about web hosting to be dangerous in your hosting provider search in this week’s episode of Sass & Sage!

Episode Takeaways

The three common web hosting options available are shared, dedicated, and managed. Most small businesses can opt for shared.

With shared hosting, it's important to know how many sites a hosting provider puts on one server, as they all share the same finite resources.

The advent of Google's page experience ranking signal makes having a strong hosting provider even more critical.