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Striving for Perfection in All We Do.

Spark Creative is proud to offer a wide range of services for sole proprietorships and small-to-medium businesses. Whether we are partnering with a local bakery or an international logistics company, we funnel all of our creative energy into each project we take on. Our goal is to create a meaningful journey for all of your customers through your brand.

We strive for perfection in all of our projects. In a world that becomes more complicated by the day, Spark Creative weaves together empathy and inclusion in all of our work to help your brand speak and have an impact on our community.

Graphic Design

Spark Creative can help you design print and digital content for your brand. Utilizing the leading industry software, we can create powerful, compelling assets that can be used across your entire company. We have experience designing: 

  • Booklets

  • Business Cards

  • Postcards & Mailers

  • Programs

  • Social Media Graphics

  • Website Assets

One of our favorite graphic design projects to date was in collaboration with the St. Edward High School Athletic Boosters, where we designed their 2019 Fall Sports Program


Web Design

Your website is the main way potential customers learn about your company and what you offer. Websites are a gateway that brings visitors from the point of acquisition to converting into a valuable lead. With the majority of users accessing websites on their cell phones, it is more important than ever to have a stunning website on desktop and mobile devices. We can help your company with:

  • Desktop and Mobile Designs

  • Fast Loading and Response Times

  • Interactive Content

  • Simple Editing Capabilities

With Spark Creative, we help to create a versatile website that is simple for you to maintain after we finish your project.


Film Editing

Dylan is an award-winning and nationally recognized film editor, most notably for his work on "Out of the Garden," a short documentary produced by the St. Edward IB Film HL Class of 2018. With his proficiency in programs as basic as Adobe Rush and iMovie to as complex as Final Cut Pro X, Dylan can:

  • Create a Compelling Theme for the Film

  • Find the Strongest Portions of Raw Footage

  • Include Relevant Colors and Typography

  • Optimize All Media and Audio

In most cases, the films we edit for partners are uploaded to platforms like Vimeo or YouTube for ease of access.



SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is an industry buzzword that has been around since the late 20th century. With society's continued reliance on Google for answers, companies, ideas, products, and recommendations, SEO is crucial to gaining exposure for your brand online. With a strong background in SEO, Spark Creative can:

  • Audit Your Website

  • Decipher Your Site's Performance on Google

  • Examine Current Analytics

  • Optimize Existing Content

  • Perform Keyword Research

We use the data from these five areas, along with other facets, to create a strong organic search strategy to get your website ranking higher on Google for relevant search queries.



Your brand is the core of your company. From your colors to your typography to your logo, every time customers interact with your brand, they are interacting with an extension of you! There are millions of companies globally, each with a brand that reflects their history and passions. To jump-start your company, Spark Creative can:

  • Analyze Brand Emotions & Themes

  • Create a Meaningful Color Palette

  • Find Header and Body Fonts

  • Make a Compelling Logo

  • Strategize on Avenues for Brand Awareness and Exposure

Branding is by far one of our favorite projects to take on as it allows us to work with you, from the start, to create something amazing!


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